Upper body ✔. Each week I’m getting stronger, and doing things that I NEVER thought I could do. Thanks Audra Onyinye Anusionwu for always pushing me. ‪#‎beautifitstrong‬

Pett McFarlane

I had a life changing experience today…I was worked OUT!!! Audra Onyinye Anusionwu is not only a true gem she is an amazing talent and made me beautiful, fit and STRONG again! She epitomizes the purpose of BEAUTIFUL, FIT and STRONG! !!! Thank you my gluts are smiling at you but screaming at me!

Nicole L. Tucker

My trainer took a step bench, flipped it over, filled it with weights and made me push that around the gym floor….on carpet. Who comes up with this stuff? She is MacGuyver! Continuing to get stronger everyday. Thanks for constantly challenging me Audra. This body is under construction.

Candice Richardson

Great “Drop In” session this morning with Audra!! While she tried to kill me, she showed me some amazing moves that will allow me to continue to develop my legs without putting ANY stress on my “new knees!” ‪#‎sheunderstands‬ ‪#‎nostressonmyknees‬ ‪#‎quadsonfire‬

Dr. Rosalyn P. Pitts