At BeautiFitStrong (BFS) we pride ourselves on creating individualized plans and utilizing a holistic approach to fitness that includes nutritional guidance and overall support. Services are delivered in a professional manner and are conducted by highly sought after Certified Personal Trainers.


Our trainers will take the time to assess your goals and abilities, after identifying your needs your personal trainer will take a results-driven approach to help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, increase your strength, improve your conditioning or change your eating habits BFS can design a plan specifically for you. BFS workouts are intended to teach you proper form and workout protocol. Our team works hard to ensure each routine is fun and progressive. We also strive to leave our clients feeling confident and energized. Training sessions are typically an hour-long including a warmup or movement preparation in the beginning and active stretching and mobility at the end.


Are you new to lifting weights and unfamiliar with gym equipment but you want to lift weights and workout without injury? Then come Fly Solo and enjoy the benefits of individual and personalized instruction with a BeautiFitStrong coach. 


Sessions are designed to assist you in meeting your personal fitness goals. Your trainer with push and encourage you to set personal records and push beyond your comfort zone. (Includes)

  • 1on1 personal training 

  • Nutritional guidance 

  • Recipe suggestions

  • Daily access to Fitness Coach 

  • Monitoring progress via weekly weigh-ins and progress pics.


If you rather have specialized attention, than be in a group workout setting this is the way to go


Would you like to have familiar support when working towards your fitness goals? Then grab someone you know and have them come do a duo with you! (Can work with a max of 3 people)

BFS can give you and your friends/family attention similar to a 1on1 session but in a small group setting and a more affordable rate. This is a great way to create camaraderie with friends, family or coworkers. 


  • Small group training sessions 

  • Nutritional guidance 

  • Recipe suggestions 

  • Daily access to Fitness Coach 

Monitoring progress via weekly weigh-ins and progress pics.


Want to workout with others but not such a large group you feel as if you’re not getting the help you need? Come join one of our small group training sessions, our small groups focus on a circuit style training where we have multiple stations that are designed to improve your overall strength and endurance. Groups include no more than 10 participants per class.


Have a company retreat or want to host a fitness seminar at your company? BFS can provide group sessions that are typically 1 hour long. This consists of circuit style training using strength, agility and conditioning exercises. Routines will vary from session to session but will always be movements that can be modified so that all fitness levels will benefit. 

Corporate wellness is ideal for church, social or corporate fitness events. Come have fun getting in shape with BeautiFitStrong's knowledgeable and energetic staff. Let us know your objectives and we can customize a group session, demonstrate specific exercises or present a healthy eating segment for your staff or colleagues. 

In addition to circuits there would also be an opportunity to do team sports or relay races. The goal is to keep everyone participating and moving during a fitness routine. BeautiFitStrong staff will always take a judgment-free approach to empowering and encouraging group members. Leaving members feeling good about the exercise/activity and themselves.


Virtual Group Training is a LIVE online group training class. Instructor will lead you through a 45 minute circuit style group. You have the option of seeing your trainer and the trainer can see you. Class is designed to improve overall strength and endurance.