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I consider myself a Wellness Coach who supports clients on their journey and hold them accountable to their goals. In order to do that I ask that my clients are forthright with me and I in turn take a judge free approach to keeping them on track. I am always excited about the opportunity to work with new clients and look forward to assisting them however I can. It is the best approach to training Bodybuilders and anyone trying to change body composition.


Audra Anusionwu is Founder and CEO of BeautiFitStrong. A Philadelphia native and health advocate, Audra has worked in the behavioral health field for more than 15 years. In 2002 Audra began amateur boxing where she started her personal wellness journey. She had become overweight and unhappy with herself and boxing gave her the confidence and strength to fight for her health. The journey was tumultuous and she began to pack on pounds again after trying various diets and lifestyle changes. It wasn’t until October of 2013 when she was unable to post pics of herself that she realized that her weight was getting out of control.

In October 2013 Audra decided to compete in a figure competition, a level of female bodybuilding with a feminine look. Competing gave Audra the accountability she needed to stay committed to the gym and stick to a strict diet. After only 6 months of training Audra completely transformed her physique. In her second competition she placed 1st place in Masters Figure and 2nd place in Open Figure.

In 2014 Audra developed a love for lifting weights and decided to attend the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia to become a Certified Personal Trainer. In addition to completing her certification Audra began training other woman to help them feel as empowered as she’d felt about changing her body.
She began the campaign for BeautiFitStrong (BFS). BFS is a physical fitness and nutritional education business. In addition, its a lifestyle brand for woman and girls that focuses on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. BFS uses social media outlets and community forums to share information about health and wellness. It encourages and empowers women to push themselves to the limit and step outside of their comfort zone in to order to have a more healthy, fit, and balanced life.

In addition, we speak to various groups and organizations in the community about health and wellness. With the overall goal of empowering people to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Audra Anusionwu
Owner/Certified Personal Trainer
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