5 worst things for your immune system

5 worst things for your immune system

Cocold-fluld and flu season is here and when you pair all those germs with a poor diet, you are creating the perfect situation to get sick. BeautiFitStrong has the 5 things you may be doing that could make you more susceptible to catching that cold!!

1) Not getting enough sleep – Your body needs rest to heal and recharge. When you are sle4eping less, you’re lowering your immune system. If you are waking up tired it may be a sign that you’re not sleeping enough or getting quality shut-eye. BeautiFitStrong strongly recommends you get 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night.

2) Poor diet – We all like to cheat and eat a cookie, but foods highin sugar can lower the ability of white blood cells to kill germs. Excessive amounts of alcohol will make your liver work harder to detoxify your blood, ultimately robbing your immune system of nutrients to fight off bacteria. Too much fat in your diet lowers your antibody production and can cause a slow reaction to the infected area. BeautiFitStrong wants you to ditch those pre-packaged foods high in fat and sugar. If you are going to drink alcohol stick with liquor and only have one!

3) Excessive germs – Be mindful during the sniffle season everything you touch has someone else’s germ on it especially at the gym. So in between each machine make sure you wipe off your hands with an alcohol wipe and please be kind and wipe down your machine when you are finished.

4) Overtraining and stress – Many of us feel like we need to step up our workouts to counteract our overindulgences, but that may be doing more harm than good. While BeautiFitStrong wants you to stick with your workouts, overtraining will exhaust your body, possibly risk injury and weaken your immune system. Keeping up with your regular workouts will strengthen your immune system.
– It’s probably dark when you wake up and when you leave work it’s dark again. The lack of sunlight can lead to a Vitamin D deficiency and possibly spiral into seasonal affective disorder depression symptoms as well. BeautiFitStrong wants you to try to get out during the day and see the sun. This will help your body produce more Vitamin D. Include foods high in Vitamin D3, such as oranges, egg yolks, fatty fish and low fat cheese.